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2008-07-06 02:12:34 by Ar1x

Yeah, it has been a while.
Recorded a YouTube video for, watch it. Search akirby00 on youtube. It's Zelda's Lullaby.


2008-04-09 16:22:39 by Ar1x

Going to fire up the amp, new stuff soon, probably nothing special, any who.

Workin Hard, Hardly Workin'

2007-12-04 07:15:52 by Ar1x

Have Some New Music up, I consider them all projects and I am currently workin' on them all. If Anyone is interested, check them out. Message me or whatnot. Trioxis still needs a bassist who can send their music over the internet for pieces here in newgrounds, nothing big.


2007-12-01 21:06:04 by Ar1x

I have formed a band with my cousin. Tri0xis. If anyone wants to play bass for the band as would like to send music over the internet please contact me via Newgrounds. WE NEED A BASSIST.

Btw, two songs added, first shots by me the Guitarist. Listen, and make some reviews.

Thanks Guys.

I'm Here!

2007-09-05 15:58:02 by Ar1x

But no one cares until I get good with Flash. :(...